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Graceful Healing's Podcast

Apr 23, 2019

Kelli Reese is on a mission to motivate, empower and inspire women to be brave and live the life their soul is calling for. Kelli is such an amazing woman.

I first met Kelli when we were both at a seminar with Angela Lauria and the Author Incubator. We both wrote and published our first book together. And as luck would have it, I was able to work with her 1:1 almost two summers later. Words cannot begin to express the journey she took me on starting first with reading my Akashic records. And next helping me heal from some things I was holding on to for far too long.

Kelli motivates women in many ways. She has a fantastic retreat this May in Tulum working with others on the Sacred Soul Journeys. If you’re feeling the call to connect more completely in your life, Sacred Soul Journeys takes you there.

Kelli will put you in the middle of outstanding discoveries and magical adventures that will empower you, unlike anything you’ve ever experienced.

Each journey is a rare opportunity to explore sacred sites, local cultures and healing modalities. Also included is the inner exploration to the core of your being where you’ll discover the depth of who you are.

She also works with women who feel stuck in their relationship. She helps them find answers to many questions that lay hidden for so many of us. The Clear Heart Program has helped many find a new path to happiness.

If you want to get out of the indecision and questioning, it requires all the awareness and tools you’ve been learning on your path, but it also needs understanding on a deeper level about what’s happening.

Finally, Kelli also works with women in her other program, The Connect Program. Each of us has a SOUL MISSION that we’ve carried with us from lifetime to lifetime. Kelli helps you understand your history and your wounds and karma that may have created obstacles for us to overcome before we’re able to fly.

Listen to my dear friend Kelli as she shares her journey starting 17 years ago to today. I’m telling you it’s powerful!