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Graceful Healing's Podcast

Apr 1, 2019

Dr. Becky, a Harvard trained functional endocrinologist talks at length about Alzheimer and Dementia. Leaving her thriving practice in the Florida Keys after her mothers untimely and rapid death to Alzheimer's, Dr. Becky completely changed the scope and sequence of her practice in order to help others navigate this terrible disease.

It's fascinating to hear about risk factors and what steps to follow so you may never get this dreadful disease AND what steps to follow in case you or a loved one are already in the throws. 

Dr. Becky shares her in-depth knowledge about:

  • Micronutrients,
  • Hormonal levels and their impact on dementia and of course

Yes, sleep is always creeping up on us as a huge impact on all health concerns including dementia and Alzheimer. And why does it allude so many of us? Dr. Becky shares her insight on this as well as she shares about adrenal dysfunction and adrenal support!